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Vítame Vás na stránke SLOVENSKEJ KOALÍCIE PRE KULTÚRNU DIVERZITU, ktorá vznikla v roku 2006 na základe prístupu

Slovenskej republiky k dohovoru o kultúrnej rozmanitosti. Doteraz sa k nemu hlási 121 štátov celého sveta.



     SKKD - Slovenská koalícia pre kultúrnu diverzitu * * * V máji 2020 prešla stránka technickou rekonštrukciou***Dovtedy stánku navštívilo takmer 350 000 návštevníkov***


31st January 2012

Event general guidelines

For the attention of the European Coalitions for cultural diversity


  1. I.General Présentation

             Situation: Ambiguous position of the European Commission that, on one side, stresses the importance of cultural and creative industries, culture, cultural diversity, but on the other side makes proposals for policies which do not take these aspects into account or which aim at limiting the impact of national measures or policies which are considered as exceptions to the rules of internal market or competition.

             Objective: to organize an event to strongly reaffirm the role of culture and cultural diversity.

 The short and mid-term objectives (cf « Timing » below) are to obtain that the European Institutions, and more specifically the European Commission, adopt policies that are coherent and that foster culture and cultural diversity.

             Timing: adequate since this event would take place when:

 →the European Commission and the European Parliament have pronounced themselves in favour of the development of cultural and creative industries (Green book in April 2010/resolution in January 2011) and a recommendation from the Commission is soon expected on the subject.

 →the European Institutions will have to pronounce themselves, or will have by then already have pronounced themselves, on various issues essential for European culture and cultural diversity (cf. infra « event framework» / «suggested themes»)

 →the present economic crisis in Europe encourages a reduction of the resources allocated to culture, both on a national and a European level.

             Public to be adressed:

 →European Institutions 

- European Commission, in particular General Directorates in charge of Culture (EAC), Internal trade and services (MARKT), Information Society and Media (INFSO), but also Trade (TRADE) and Competition (COMP);

- European Parliament, in particular Secretariats and MEPs (Members of European Parliament) sitting in the Parliamentary Committees in charge of Culture (CULT), Legal Affairs (JURI), Internal Market (IMCO), International Trade (INTA) as well as advisers to political groups on these issues;


- Council : Ministers of Culture of the EU Member States and Permanent representations;





    Message carriers:


The European cultural sector in all its diversity.

So that the European Institutions can hear and does listen to our messages, it is imperative that this event represent the position of a variety of actors (authors, artists, interpreters, producers, publishers, etc.), from various cultural sectors (music, cinema, audiovisual, performing arts, visual arts, literature, etc.) and this, from as many members States in Europe as possible.



  1. II.Event framework


    Where: Brussels;

Bibliothèque Solvay (to be confirmed), in the Parc Leopold located right behind the European Parliament or the European Parliament.


  When: Tuesday January 31st, 2012.

This date was selected because MEPs will be present in Brussels that week and there is no meetings scheduled for the CULT, IMCO and JURI Committees on that specific day.



This will not be a conference nor a debate. As we want to deliver messages, several actors from the European cultural sector will make succession of interventions, either from the podium or from the floor, followed up by a session of questions/answers.


    How long: A two hours period, from 11h-13h

This will be followed by a cocktail from 13h-15h



How long:

    Themes to be selected:


Selection criteria


-common issues to various cultural sectors;

-European issues: a reflection on the subject is being conducted at a European level, or the European Commission or other European Institutions are competent to act upon these questions.

-opportune timing: the subjects are or will soon be on the agenda of the European Institutions;

-a restricted number of themes to be handled within the 2 hour period.


Suggested themes


  1. 1.Cultural tax system: it has to be adapted to the digital era

agenda: VAT reform


  1. 2.The European trade policy: audiovisual and cultural services should be excluded from trade negotiations

agenda: negotiation of the EU-Canada trade agreement on the basis of negative lists/implementation of the European Commission’s new competence with regards to investments


  1. 3.The European cultural and audiovisual policy: adapted financing are required both in terms of quality and quantity.

agenda: adoption of the proposal of decision « Creative Europe » (towards the end of 2011) which will group together the MEDIA and Culture programs and a guarantee fund for cultural and creative industries


  1. 4.National policies in favor of culture: the European Commission policies should not prevent the implementation and development of cultural policies on a national level

agenda: for instance, the revision of the 2001 Cinema Communication which sets the framework of State aids for audiovisual and cinematographic works.


  1. 5.Practices aiming at evading national legislations that have set protective measures for culture and cultural diversity

A reflection on a European level is essential on this issue.


  Press coverage before the event


The event in Brussels should be the culminating point of a mobilization intent on reaffirming the role and the importance that Culture plays in Europe. The French Coalition suggests preparing a statement to be signed by leading actors from several cultural sectors. France would convey the message but it should be relayed as widely as possible in the press in other Member States as well as in Brussels.







This project was initiated by the French Coalition. It has been presented to the European Coalitions during their last meeting in Paris on September 12th.


The French Coalition, in the name of the European Coalitions, is in charge of the overall organization and is financing this event.



    The role of the European cultural sector


It is essential that many European organizations representative of the diversity of the cultural sector in Europe mobilize themselves around this event. This will demonstrate it is widely supported and will reinforce the strength of the message delivered to the European Institutions.


The role of the European Coalitions


Concretely, the European Coalitions could:


-help with the developing/clarifying of the messages to be delivered during this event;


-suggest names for the participants to the panel so that the messages are delivered by a great variety of representatives from the cultural sector in Europe (repertoires, country, activities);


-mobilize their members, the cultural and artistic professionals in their own country (creators, producers, publishers…); and if possible, get their national representatives to support our messages by inviting them to attend the event;


- ahead of the event, circulate the messages in the press (translation of the statement, signature by well-known actors, contacts with the press).


Beyond the event, and prior to the submission of the Periodical reports by many States Parties to the Convention, the implication of the European Coalitions will demonstrate that the movement of the Coalitions is active in Europe and ensure its voice is better heard from the European Institutions.


→Implication of the European Federations and the European platform on cultural and creative industries


As mentioned during the meeting on September 12th, the French Coalition has contacted several European Federations representatives of various cultural sectors, i.e. music, cinema, literature… (cf. attached list of contacts).


The French Coalition also thought it could be useful to contact the “Platform of Cultural and Creative Industries” (CCI).


The Platform was created about 3 years ago, as an initiative of the European Commission, following its communication « A European agenda for culture in the era of globalization » (2007) which aims at establishing a dialogue with the civil society. The Platform regroups about 40 Federations from the European cultural sector and regularly works by consensus on much the same issues as the Coalitions’.


A joint partnership on this project would be beneficial in many ways, one of them being an increased visibility since the Platform is well known to the European Institutions.


Besides meeting with the European federations, the French Coalition also contacted the ICC Platform (Jean-Marc Leclerc, CEO of EMO and President of the Platform and Matthieu Philibert, European Affairs Officer of IMPALA, member of the Board of Directors of the Platform).


The Platform was offered a partnership in the event, but only broad outlines have been discussed so far:

-messages to be carried;

-possible interventions of the Platform members, from the podium or from the floor;

-dispatch of information on the event to their members, etc.


Jean-Marc Leclerc mentioned he was interested in our initiative since this would increase the visibility of the recommendations the Platform made recently. The Platform will present the project to its Board of Directors mid-November. In case it would be rejected, the European cultural Federations could participate to the event on an individual basis.


Annexe : List of members of the CCI Platform



Active members in 2011

Participated in the 5 working groups set up to draft the 2011 recommendations

Culture Action Europe


Ilona Kich, met in Brussels on Oct. 21, 2011


Europe Theatre Convention



European Forum for Architectural Policies



Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe

Contacted – No reply yet


European Music Office

Jean-Marc Leclerc, met on Oct. 20, 2011


Fédération Internationale des Acteurs

Dearbhal Murphy, Spoke on the phone on Oct. 26, 2011


Fédération Internationale des Musiciens









European Conference of Promoters of New Music



European League of Institutes of the Arts



European Music Council



European network of Cultural Administration training Centres



Union européenne des Radiodiffuseurs

Gwenaëlle Collet, met in Brussels on Oct 21, 2011


Société des Auteurs audiovisuels

Regular contacts with Cécile Despringre


Coordination européenne des producteurs indépendants

Jelmer Hofkamp- Contacted – no reply





Federation of European Publishers

Anne Bergman-Tahon, met in Brussels on Oct 20,2011


European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers

Martine Rezzi, met in Brussels on Oct 20, 2011


Independant Music Companies Association

Matthieu Philibert, met in Brussels on Oct 20,2011


Association of European Performers Organisations



European Booksellers Federation



Federation of European Film Directors


Other members of the Platform

Participated in the working groups set up to draft the 2009 recommendations.

Still members of the Platform.


European Association of Conservatoires



Europe Alliance Mondiale du Cinéma



European Composers’ Forum



European Composers and Songwriters Alliance



European Film Companies Alliance



European Newspaper Publishers’ Association



European Training Foundation



European Writers Council



UNI Media, Entertainment & Arts

Johannes Studinger - Contacted – no reply


European Net International Drama


EMIRA/Roberto Cimetta Funds

Euro-Mediterranean and International Research Association


On the move




European Publishers Council



Felix Meritis Foundation



International Organisation of Performing Artists



International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts



The International Urban Development Association


International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation




European Federation of Magazine Publishers



European Festivals Association



Network of European Museum Associations



Union des Théâtres de l’Europe






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