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Activity Report 2011 - 2012


1/ Summary

- A lot of work has been done; the SCCD Board members specifically devoted a lot of time and energy to the SCCD activities. We meet regularly once or twice a month, we consult urgent issues several times a week. A wide range of collaborating volunteers is also involved in the preparation of specific events and activities.

- The SCCD has gained a lot of acknowledgement and is now a well-respected organization both at home and abroad. Even though the Coalition has had no official financial support at its disposal and all people work for free (except for the membership fee grant from the Ministry of Culture), over a short period of time it has become a partner to major state authorities and has been able to attract media attention.

- On the other hand, in spite of the partial successes the coalition has achieved, there are tasks yet to be finished. The major issue is “improving the legal and social status of artists in Slovakia”. That remains to be the main goal of the SCCD, as there exist many persistent legal issues that has not been solved for more than two decades.

2/ Review of activities and future goals

- The initiative for changing the proposal of the tax and social system reform (May 2011 – October 2011) was one of the most important SCCD activities. It was a part of our long-term effort to improve the legal and social status of artists in Slovakia. We had got enormous support from Slovakia´s artists and eventually achieved partial results. Our international partners also supported us in our activities. An extensive report of more than 50 pages concerning the initiative is available at


- Day of Art 2011, September 13th: Performers from various artistic fields (musicians, actors, visual artists, writers, translators) joined their forces in a program that was running concurrently on 5 stages in the historical center of Bratislava for 6 hours. The event was organized under the auspices of Bratislava´s Mayor within the campaign that was supporting demands of the SCCD regarding the then discussed tax reform.


- The World Art DayApril 15th, 2012: similar event, organized by the Slovak Union of Visual Arts on Leonardo da Vinci´s birthday. This event was organized within the 2011 initiative of International Association of Art which declared da Vinci´s birthday a World Art Day.


- Council for Arts, the counseling body of the Minister of Culture, was established in February 2011: The SCCD is represented by its Chairman. One of the most important tasks of this Council was preparation of analytical and conceptual report called “The strategy of cultural development in Slovakia in 2012 – 2016.” Some ideas and theses from this material were implemented into the Manifesto of the new Slovak government. Representatives of the Council meet with the new Minister of Culture and some outcomes of the meetings have direct impact on relevant laws and regulations. Thus, the establishment of inter-ministerial committee was recommended – a body that would focus on solving issues of artists, authors and culture in general.


- The SCCD Board members collaborated in preparation of the Annual Report of Slovak Republic on implementation of the UNESCO convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions which was completed at the beginning of 2012.


- Draft agreement between the SCCD and the Section for international cooperation of the Ministry of Culture was worked out by the SCCD Board - based on the negotiations with the General Director of the section. The intention is to develop long-term and systematic cooperation between the Ministry and the SCCD.


- Prior to the parliamentary elections several months ago, the Slovak Pen Club, the SCCD and other associations initiated discussions with Slovak political parties. The goal was to draw attention to persisting problems of culture sector in Slovakia and to possible solutions as well. After the discussions, the SCCD held a press conference to inform media about how are the most burning culture issues reflected in programs of individual political parties.


- In order to increase efficiency in sharing information with its members as well as with public, the Board of SCCD approved launching of the SCCD web page


- In August 2012, based on the initiative of the Minister of Culture, a representative of the SCCD was also nominated to the Governmental council for non-profit organizations.


- According to the already approved statutes, a chairman of the SCCD will be a member of the newly established Governmental Council for Culture which will launch its activities within a few weeks´ time. To solve specific problems, working groups will be created and closely cooperate with this Council. Based on the agreement of the SCCD Board members and the Minister of Culture, one of these working groups has already started its informal activity. The group closely cooperates with the Head of the Office of the Ministry of Culture since June 2012 and focuses on the topic that we consider the most important – the statute of an artist.


- The SCCD delegated members of its Board to negotiate with representatives of the Ministry of Culture and discuss implementation of the Government Manifesto and other issued of artists, authors and culture sector in general. The issues include (along with the already mentioned “status of an artist”):

- ongoing changes in tax and social insurance laws

- Copyright Act issues

- legal inclusion of artworks in new public constructions (Act on Construction)

- legal changes that would recognize purchasing artworks as tax deductible costs

- financing of culture

- laws related to sponsorship, etc.


- Increasing international collaboration: The SCCD approved closer cooperation with the European Council of Artists (ECA). The official application to ECA was submitted in August 2012 – after previous informal contacts with its members.


- Following the request of the IFCCD, the SCCD Board agreed to organize the IFCCD Congress and the ECCD conference in Bratislava in autumn 2012.


September 19, 2012


Pavol Kráľ

Chairman of the SCCD Board


Agenda for the ECCD meeting on 20th September

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David Throsby

Professor of Economics

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Member of the Three Independent Expert Meetings on the Preliminary Draft of the Convention (2003-2004)

   Sydney, 14 January 2008

 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the

Diversity of Cultural Expressions


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